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National Security

  • SPAARK supports Continuity of Operations (COOP) policy, plans, operations and training in accordance with HSEEP, AR 500-3, DOD Directive 3020.26, and Federal Continuity Directives One and Two to ensure Command and Control throughout the “all hazards” threat spectrum of evolving, attack-related, terrorist-related, and catastrophic natural events. Our mission includes full spectrum continuity and exercise support to respond and recover from emerging threats

  • We play a crucial role in addressing Insider Threat Programs (ITP) to established to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by insiders who represent a threat to national security. The goal of the ITP is to navigate a shifting threat landscape, leverage technological progress, and accommodate organizational shifts, a persistent process of assessment and embracing contemporary viewpoints and methodologies.

  • SPAARK facilitates a critical role in the support of agency Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEFs) as well as the National Essential Functions (NEFs) mandated by the US Government. SPAARK provides support as required to ensure that DOS can perform its PMEFs under all conditions, including hazards and emergency conditions.  

  • Provides operations, maintenance and security protection of critical IT/communications and facility support infrastructure required to support the execution of mission essential functions.

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

SPAARK helps our customers acquire and sustain capabilities that support national security missions.  We achieve superior mission performance through the support of a highly-skilled, trusted acquisition workforce providing timely, metric-driven business decisions.​

  • Operations

  • Finance and Acquisition

  • Engineering

  • Program Management

  • Logistics

Professional Services

SPAARK, Inc. operates in professional services through a multifaceted approach across various domains. In Program Management, SPAARK excels in overseeing intricate projects, ensuring streamlined execution, and meeting objectives within stipulated timelines. Our adept team leverages strategic planning, risk assessment, and resource optimization to navigate complexities effectively.

In Data Analytics, SPAARK utilizes cutting-edge tools and methodologies to extract meaningful insights from vast datasets, aiding informed decision-making for clients. Additionally, our Financial and Budget Analysts meticulously analyze fiscal data, crafting comprehensive strategies to optimize financial resources while maintaining fiscal health.

In the realm of Social Work, SPAARK demonstrates a deep commitment to community welfare by offering support services, advocacy, and resource allocation to uplift marginalized populations, ensuring a positive impact on society at large. Our comprehensive expertise across these domains reflects their commitment to excellence and making a tangible difference in various professional arenas.


Through strategic partnerships with both large and small businesses, we are able to build lasting relationships with industry leaders to enhance our capabilities and customer missions.

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