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Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

SPAARK helps our customers acquire and sustain capabilities that support national security missions.  We achieve superior mission performance through the support of a highly-skilled, trusted acquisition workforce providing timely, metric-driven business decisions.​

  • Operations

  • Finance and Acquisition

  • Engineering

  • Program management

  • Logistics

  • Manage process improvement projects, using the prescribed Lean Six Sigma methodology and facilitating the respective teams in the application of Six Sigma and Lean tools to drive quality improvement and cost reduction across the respective processes.

  • Apply cross-industry and cross-functional leading practice perspectives to business models to diagnose capability gaps and conceptualize potential business model alternatives and information technology (IT) implications.

  • Create a compelling vision, principles, constraints, assumptions and performance metrics and goals that are associated with current and future state business processes.

  • Communicate information on current and latest trends and issues in the industry to help pinpoint major opportunities for change to client stakeholders.

  • Provide expertise to conclusion of a project phase. Provide technical trend and best practice knowledge as part of the LSS team.

  • Provide recommendations. Develop strategies and themes for active projects.

  • Create and conduct presentations to key decision makers at the executive level in order to develop and communicates vision and purpose.

  • Provide training in all aspects of Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge.

  • Manage problem solving efforts, identify barriers to the effective implementation of the Six Sigma process and take the necessary action to resolve or escalate issues/problems.

  • Identify gaps and develop plans and governance to implement DevOps across the organization

  • DevSecOps Methodology & Delivery

  • RMF Implementation & Compliance

  • Network Defense & Operational Assessment

  • Secure Operations & Engineering

  • System Test & Evaluation

  • FISMA Compliance and Risk Management

  • Cyber Education and Security Awareness

Continuity of Operations
  • Maintains an information technology based command, control and communications (C3) system that provides for informed decision making, status monitoring and communication ability linked to Component Commands, and Direct Reporting Units.

  •  Command and control (C2) functions are performed through an arrangement of personnel, equipment, communications, facilities, and procedures employed by a commander in planning, directing, coordinating, and controlling forces and operations in the accomplishment of the mission (Joint Publication 1-02). Requires a predictive awareness and rapid, clear communications to organizations at all levels of pending threats and hazards.

  • Integrates C2 systems for effective employment. Maintains effective command and control processes and supporting systems to achieve mission success and interface with all levels of the National Military Command System (NMCS) and its information technology equipment.

  • Provides operations, maintenance and security protection of critical IT/communications and facility support infrastructure required to support the execution of mission essential functions.


Through strategic partnerships with both large and small businesses, we are able to build lasting relationships with industry leaders to enhance our capabilities and customer missions.

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